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AI And Digital Marketing: The Road Ahead


AI and digital marketing

Suddenly, artificial intelligence driven marketing content has become a buzzword. The use of AI in commercial content has gained impetus in the last one year or so.

For that matter, AI and digital marketing are spoken of in the same breath, more often than not. AI tools like ChatGPT can write copy in a few minutes, which is a thousand times faster than a human being. Additionally, this OpenAI bot doesn’t take hours to research a topic; all the information is already programmed into it, and machine learning does the rest. As a result, the bot is faster, and produces grammatically correct copy.

You can acquire a lot of helpful stuff from ChatGPT right now that will help you advertise your app more quickly, engage with users better, and perhaps even help you decide what to work on from your backlog next.

Clearly, AI is set to change the face of digital marketing. There are several key ways that the “fingers” of AI will touch our lives:

Chatbots Are Getting Better With AI

Most of us have had a “conversation” with a “help-bot” by now. The thing is that these conversations were generally unsatisfactory; the bot could answer basic questions about a product, but it couldn’t match a human when it came to actually deciphering detailed inquiries and matching the client with a suitable product.

All such inefficiencies are no longer an obstacle. Bots based on ChatGPT will be able to cater to individual personal needs, and conduct an “intelligent, ongoing conversation” with a client. That’s right: the bot will actually be sentient enough to sell things to you, and eventually, it’ll probably turn out better than a human being at figuring out what you’re after.

For businesses, AI-enhanced chatbots and its accompanying technologies will be a boon. They have access to a “salesperson” that will work 24 hours per day, never get tired or grumpy, and always be ready to see to a client’s needs with excellent accuracy. Additionally, the bot won’t be inclined to request commission on sales.

Market Targeting

Data collected by AI about customers’ preferences is being used to match general trends. This information is then employed by AI-driven marketing algorithms to strategize effective marketing campaigns. AI will suggest a host of topics that fit a website’s requirements and churn out suitably attractive content in an endless stream. This content will be automatically SEO optimized, free of basic errors, keyword-based, and backed by relevant research. Impressively, these feats will take seconds rather than days to perform.

The above-named scenarios are some of the changes AI will herald for individual businesses. Companies will be able to scale down their workforce to a handful of people. However, on a wider scale, AI is already changing the entire Internet. For instance, mega-companies like Alphabet (Google) and Meta (Facebook) are using AI to radically enhance their search facilities.

One can get insightful answers from the chatbot for situations, including product writing, marketing, and content development.

These days, when you input a search term on Google, you’ll notice a direct answer to your question at the top of the result set. You can then decide to pursue more detailed information from individual websites, but you no longer “have” to. These “answers” to queries are also about to get much, much more accurate as Google integrates the latest AI advances into its algorithms.

In the future, you’re simply going to be able to hold a “conversation” with Google and have all your questions catered to. Moreover, Google and Facebook “file” away every search you do and every action you take on the Net, unless you specifically tell them not to. They then use this information to offer you content based on the AI’s assessment of your preferences.