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AI Writer Tools: What To Look Out For Before Buying


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With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we’re seeing more and more AI content generators popping up, promising to create high-quality content with minimal effort. Suddenly, there’s a proliferation of AI writer tools, making the decision to buy one quite confusing.

AI content generation is a process whereby AI algorithms are used to create content without the need for any human input. (Well, almost. You still require humans to verify the accuracy of the content, and also re-check the grammar.)

This type of AI uses natural language learning (NLP) to shape the content into word sequences which can be read by humans. AI content generators are now increasingly being used by creators for online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

AI Content Generation Is Transforming Content Industry

I was among the first in the world to spot the trend of AI being deployed for content development. I was also among the first to forecast that the use of AI in content was not going away any time soon.

AI is revolutionizing the content industry by enabling companies to quickly generate content while eliminating much of the time-consuming work required in the process. AI-writer tools such as AI writing generators and content recommendation engines allow businesses to create content that can increase their organic traffic. Moreover, AI can help develop useful content for social media, determine social media posts with the highest engagement, and create seemingly real content that people believe to be true.

With AI as a key component, the idea of the creative economy has been further enhanced. Anyone with a strong concept can find an audience for their work thanks to AI’s assistance in identifying new and upcoming creators. AI is also altering how SEO content generation operates, which will make it simpler for businesses to rank better in search engine results pages.

With the use of AI content generation, businesses can scale their content marketing strategy, while creators are able to earn a large percentage of ad revenue generated by such content.

Overall, AI has enabled companies to rapidly generate content while providing new opportunities for creators to discover an audience for their work. With its multiple industry applications, AI is transforming the content industry and revolutionizing the way businesses and creators approach content marketing.

Best AI Writer Tools: A 20-point Checklist

When it comes to finding the “best” AI content generator for your needs, there are several factors to consider. From price and features to customer service and value, each tool has its strengths and weaknesses.

Here, I am breaking down some of the most popular choices so that you can make an informed decision as to which AI writer tool is right for you. No point in landing up with something you may not want, right?

Some Must-have Features

When it comes to choosing an AI content generator, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Price
  2. Features
  3. Customer support
  4. Value for money
  5. Ease of use
  6. Having a wide range of uses
  7. Offering a free trial period
  8. Offering a money-back guarantee
  9. Offering a warranty
  10. Making it easy to cancel or modify your subscription
  11. Being able to integrate with other applications in your TechStack
  12. Being able to export your generated content
  13. Being able to import your original content
  14. Offering an API to integrate the AI tool with other applications
  15. Being able to use the tool without an internet connection
  16. Having a good variety of templates
  17. Having a good variety of language options
  18. Having a good variety of payment options
  19. Being able to generate original content in different forms (blog posts, articles, etc.)
  20. Being able to generate unique content for social media, email campaigns, and more

In conclusion:

AI writer tools are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a smart, and time-saving way to generate content. AI-powered content generators use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create human-like text content quickly. They are ideal for businesses that conduct content marketing and need to produce a lot of articles in a short amount of time. But before buying one, enterprises need to do their due diligence.


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